Life coaching and choosing a life coach

Published: 10th February 2012
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Life coaching can be incredibly beneficial for someone looking for various types of assistance or advice. Coaches vary in their specialties and areas of interest, but typically you can expect a life coach to help you make life more enjoyable across multiple different spectrums. The first step to making that happen, however, is selecting the right life coach.

Choosing a life coach is like going to the grocery store and grabbing a box of cereal off the shelf. All life coaches are not the same. Like cereal, some may seem metaphorically delicious but lack the substance to keep you healthy. A good coach will be someone who can combine a welcoming exterior with an inner substance that will help you in the long run. The best life coach for you will depend on your life situation and the experience and specialty of the coach. For that reason, itís important to get as much information about a coach as possible before making any monetary commitments. Nearly every legitimate coach will provide some sort of free consultation that you should definitely take advantage of. Using this free consultation will allow you to see if your personality meshes with your coach and will allow your coach to get a feel of how they may be able to help you. A good coaching relationship requires both the coach and the client to be comfortable with each other.

Itís important to enter a coaching relationship with realistic expectations for yourself and the entire experience. Expecting a life coach to have a magic button that will automatically improve every aspect of your life is obviously misguided. Having an idea of what success would look like for you is a great idea and sharing it with your coach can help give both of you a target to aim for. However, the coaching process is rarely completely straightforward and sometimes new goals arise during the process. A certain tolerance for the unknown and a willingness to work through difficult questions is important for you to get the most out of your coaching arrangement.

A good life coach can help someone see how their identity was developed. Once that process is made clearer it becomes easier to make changes in their everyday life to support a change in identity. Itís important to note that identity is not something that can be changed quickly. It is formed by years of unconscious stimuli from society and canít just be changed with the push of a button.

Luckily, the way you define yourself, your identity, can be altered with the help of a good coach and hard work on the behalf of the client. A coach will help you on the path to self discovery, set goals and prioritize those goals. Your life coach will help you create building blocks, plan of action to overcome challenges that you may encounter along the way.
Your coach will design a measurable schedule that you can work with and consistent with your overall objectives because being accountable is one of the greatest payoffs of coaching.

Simon Boutros is a Life & Business Coach, Neuro Strategist & Consultant at Success International Consulting. Simon Specialises in helping people with life & Business strategies by working with them to get great results in any area of life and or business. Simon is certified as a master practitioner NLP, Neuro Strategies Framework, Hypnotherapy & TimeLine Therapy and has extensive experience in business and has worked many small medium & large corporations. For more resources and articles and to subscribe to the blog go to

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